About Us
Turnzwood2 is my part time cottage industry, with dreams
of becoming full time. I started turning wood in 1982 with
the purchase of a Shopsmith. After attending their 3 day
academy I got hooked for life. Relatives kept pushing me
to open a shop to sell my work, so I established
Turnzwood2 in 2002. Now it finances my passion.

The name Turnzwood2 is my wife's creation. The 'z' is a
reference to my name, and the '2' is a play on 'too'
because I am often pulled away from turning to design
furniture for my daughters.

My goal is to produce items that have a sensual appeal
when handled. They are things you are encouraged to pick
up time and again just to feel and experience the texture
and weight of the wood itself. It's truly amazing.

Come, experience my Passion!

Lou Zabohonski