I started producing Infinity Eights in 2006 at the request
of Candi Cosgrove to provide a training aid for her
students and clients.  The Infinity Eight is a variation of
the Lazy 8 exercise used by Cecilia Koester in her
Movement Based Learning Program to help children
develop eye hand coordination.  For more information
on Movement Based Learning visit the following web
Infinity Eights
Author of:  “I Am The Child:  Brain Gym® For
Special Needs

Candi Cosgrove
Creative Connections
The Infinity Eights are 10 inches wide by 22 inches
long and made of  ¾ inch Poplar with a water based
poly finish.  One side has two circular tracks and the
second side has an infinity shaped track. Each Infinity
Eight comes with four marbles.

Infinity 8’s are $40 each with a 10 percent discount for
orders of $100 or more.
The Infinity Eights are $40 each and are shipped parcel
post.  Shipping rates are individualized based on order
and destination. Please contact me for your rate.
"I can't tell you how many
have benefited from your
Z-boards and Lazy [Infinity]
8 tracks - thank you!!!!"  
Karen H.