Allow me to introduce myself.  I am not a teacher or
therapist.  I am a part time woodworker.  Back in the
summer of 2006 my wife took a Brain Gym class presented
by Candi Cosgrove. My wife asked me to come in after
class to see if I could make a balance board and Infinity 8
for her.  During my discussion with Candi, she stated that
she was looking for a source for affordable boards and 8’s
to meet the needs of schools with limited budgets, and
clients who could not afford the aids available in the
market.  I said “Yeah, I can do that.”  So here I am. I was a
vendor at Brain Gym International conference in 2010.  
Please remember, I always welcome feedback from my
customers.  I am interested in meeting your needs when
possible and practical.  Without you I would not be here
today.  That is how my part time hobby has expanded into
a part time job.


My goal is to provide quality learning aids at a reasonable
price.  So, with the advice and feedback offered by Candi I
designed my balance board, the Z-Board. Each board’s
deck is 15 by 22 inches, constructed of plywood and
finished with a water based poly coating.  The colored
stripes on the decks are commercial grade traction tape.  
Rockers are mounted with lock nuts instead of wing nuts to
prevent the nuts from accidentally coming undone.  The
hand wheel holding the rockers in position has lock nuts as

I offer two deck styles, a standard rectangular shape (left),
and a “boogie” style (right) where the long sides are
curved.  Some of my customers find that children are more
comfortable with this design.

Boards are $60 each with a 10 percent discount for orders
of $100 or more.


Both Candi Cosgrove and Cece Koester were my design
guides for the double sided Infinity 8.  The double circle
design on the reverse side helps those who struggle with
the infinity shape.  It allows them to develop the skills
which lead to success with the infinity shape.  

The Infinity Eights are 10 inches wide by 22 inches long
and made of  ¾ inch Poplar with a water based poly finish.  
One side has two circular tracks and the second side has
an infinity shaped track. Each comes with four marbles.

Infinity 8’s are $40 each with a 10 percent discount for
orders of $100 or more.


Back in the summer of 2010 I received a request for a
clover shaped marble track from a customer.  For the
design I was referred to with Dorothea Bassett of
Applecross, Western Australia, who was using and
marketing a clover marble track.  Using the design, with
her permission, I developed this track.  It is made from a 14
½ inch square piece of ¾ inch Poplar.  My original tracks
were made of Baltic Birch Plywood.  Unfortunately, many
of the inner plies had dark defects which became visible
when  the tracks were cut so I changed to Poplar.  The
Clover Traks are finished with several coats of a water
based poly finish, and marbles are provided.

Clover Traks are $40 each with a 10 percent discount for
orders of $100 or more.


Finally, the Wobble Board aid was created as a result of
another customer request. Wobble Boards are 16 inches
square.  They come with two interchangeable bases for
different skill levels.  One base is a 3½” diameter domed
piece 1½” high and the second base is a 3½” square with
rounded edges. Finish is a water based poly. Wobble
Boards are $35 each.
Movement Based Learning Aids
Lou Zabohonski

For more information regarding how these devices are
used please contact any of the following sources:

Candi Cosgrove:

Cece Koester: www.movementbasedlearning.com

Dorothea Bassett: www.liveandlearn.net.au
or view her presentations on

Kathy Brown: www.centeredge.com
or www.EducateYourBrain.com

Brain Gym: www.braingym.org